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Stretching LED Lantern With Solar USB Phone Charger

Tactical Gear

  • $49.99

Body Color
A black
A glod
B blue
B glod

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Flexible flashlight, can when the lantern, can also be a searchlight, can also be used as flashlight multi-function

If your phone has no electricity, it can be an emergency power supply.
Charging method: solar charging / household electric charge ( get charging line EU plug )

Product Characteristics:
a. Rated capactity 1000mah of the high ability of it.
b. Durable recharge period more than 500 times.
c. long life, high brightness and retrench power LED, long light time.
d. AC combined with.

Usage Instruction:
a. Push the plug perfectly when you charge it. Insret it directly in the socket with ac110v-250v and the charging indicator lighting. Keep charging about 10-12 hours. Discharge time of 8-10 houre or more.
b. Press the switch, turn on camping lamp mode, 12LED light, press again 1W LED light, press close.
c. Exchange cannot be used when, direct use of dc.

Product Description:
a. The product is built using AAA alkaline rechargeable battery, capacity up to 1000mah.
b. Low-power and long-life LED lamp beads, green lighting.
c. Its innovative design, ease of use will be an ideal lighting tool, LED lights also can.
d. It can be used for up to 100,000 hours.

a. Please charge batteries when lights become dim. Do not charge batteries when they are depleted, or otherwise it will damage battery service life.
b. Charging time should not exceed 24 hours. In case of long-time idle, charge batteries for over 10 hours every three months, or otherwise it will damage battery service life.
c. Do not use it when charging.
d. Do not expose ttis product to rain or moisture.